This is Futurstate - Dark and futuristic fashion for men and women.  We build exceptionally well-constructed clothing with a highly modern and futuristic design aesthetic. Sci-fi film, historical costuming, cyberpunk lit, military history, and avant garde fashion have all had their part, informing the look of Futurstate . The collection is an extension of the alternative scene, with heavy connections to the music and the vibrant energy of the goth industrial culture.

For more than ten years, we have been making our products in small exclusive batches in our Toronto studio, or locally with talented makers. The use of high quality innovative materials, modern active-wear textiles, exclusive prints, and a fair amount of hardware have all become trademarks of Futurstate.  Our clothing has been featured in many local and international publications and shows, including Gothic Beauty Magazine, Auxiliary Magazine and |FAT| Alternative Fashion Week.  

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